This site is about supporting our efforts to get the job done – to Plow Through that Wave of Denial by Any Means Necessary. Rouse ’em up and make ’em answer.

I believe it is time to be adamant, to be as empirical as possible, and to stand your ground that there is voluminous hard evidence for all of these conspirealities. Any related topic may be addressed on this website, but I am not as adamant about having the knowledge for some of these as I am about others. I realize it takes a lot of study, some background, to understand banking and the Corporation of the U.S. But there are TWO THINGS for which I have little patience when it comes to denial of them being presented as if it were plausible.

In the realm of conspiracy theories and facts, there are TWO THINGS which can no longer be denied by any intelligent and minimally informed person. That, means, people who deny either of these, are not informed at a minimal level, and/ or they just aren’t too sharp.

These two things are:

1) Geoengineering chemtrails. I.e., those are NOT contrails, jet engines do NOT leave trails like that from exhaust alone, and those ARE, ABSOLUTELY, CHEMICALS in those long white trail clouds in the sky. Those chemicals ARE, ABSOLUTELY, being dumped, or aerosol-sprayed, INTENTIONALLY, by the operators of the aircraft.

I hereby proclaim, that in this time of urgent need, for this urgent matter, it is TIME for ZERO TOLERANCE of nonsense denial from fools who insist otherwise.

The cognitive dissonance is too great. The stakes are too high. This is getting ridiculous. Come out, come out Cowards of all persuasions! Let’s have some serious discussion (it does not even rise to the level of “debate”! when a tiny proportion of the evidence is SO conclusive there is no room for debate! (unless of course you are talking to a brickhead)

In the Chemtrail News – It only gets worse

2) The extraterrestrial presence and history on planet Earth. They have been here a long time. Some new races are here in more recent years, but they too, were likely in the solar system on bases, monitoring Earth, and have been doing so for a very long time.

These things are OUT. They are OUT by many people, many early whistleblowers, witnesses, and more recently insiders who are ALLOWED to disclose what they know about ET’s. People who deny have not done their research. They have their head in the sand and refuse to take it out. They are not qualified to form an opinion on this matter (or many others) for they have demonstrated a great flaw in their perception and reasoning abilities.

I hereby proclaim, that in this time of urgent need, for this urgent matter, it is TIME for ZERO TOLERANCE of nonsense denial from fools who insist otherwise.


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